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Cellfina® Cellulite Treatment

An Effective, Minimally Invasive Option For Improving Unwanted Dimpling On The Buttocks And Thighs In The Philadelphia Area

Cellfina® cellulite treatments at the Philadelphia area's Cross Medical Group represent an FDA-cleared, science-backed method to improve the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks of adult women without the need for surgery. It's estimated that more than 90 percent of women have the condition known as cellulite. Whether you've been dealing with it for decades or it's new to you as of 2022, there is a minimally invasive solution—and you're certainly not alone.

Although the skin dimpling of cellulite is not a health concern, many people are bothered by the lumps and depressions that develop, typically on the lower body. There are a variety of cellulite treatments available that claim to reduce the dimpled "cottage cheese" appearance, but topical creams are mostly ineffective and exercise can only do so much. Unlike other cellulite treatment methods, Cellfina® targets the true cause of the problem: tense connective bands below the surface of the skin that pull it down and create an uneven look.

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What Causes Cellulite?

Why does cellulite develop? Before exploring the benefits of Cellfina® cellulite treatments, it can be helpful to understand how dimpling forms.

There's a common misconception that the condition is caused by loose skin or excess fat, but this is far from the case. Anyone at any body weight—including very slim people—can get cellulite.

The causes are still not fully understood by modern science—even in 2022—but the problem is believed to be associated with an interaction between the fibrous connective cords that attach the skin to the muscle and the layer of fat surrounding them. Dimpling develops as tethering connective bands of collagen, known as septae, pull down on the skin like rubber bands under tension. These fibrous bands are fixed near muscles in the buttocks and thigh region, extend up through the soft tissue, and attach to the undersurface of the skin.

Wherever a tense band connects to the skin, a dimple forms—especially if numerous and large fat cells in the area accumulate and push up against the surface, creating even more tension. Think of it like an overstuffed couch cushion that has internal threads pulling the fabric down from the inside. A small pucker will be a telltale sign anywhere a thread is connected.

On the buttocks and thighs, the tension gives the skin a lumpy look. The resulting dimpling has traditionally been a cosmetic problem nearly impossible to address, despite decades of attempts at developing an effective cellulite treatment. While the condition itself doesn't cause physical discomfort or have an effect on overall health, some people are embarrassed by the look of their thighs and want to hide them or remove the problem.

Although cellulite is predominantly a problem faced by women due to the way their fat cells develop and grow, men can also deal with unwanted dimpling as septae shorten and grow tighter due to a range of factors.

While cellulite treatments aren't strictly necessary, patients who don't like the appearance of their dimply buttocks or thighs can talk to one of our nurses at Cross Medical Group team about options like Cellfina®. As a cellulite treatment, Cellfina® works for both women and men.

What Are Cellfina® Cellulite Treatments?

Cellfina® is one of the most revolutionary, long-lasting cellulite treatments available, with nearly 100 percent of patients seeing a reduction in dimpling. It provides lasting, visible results. This FDA-cleared option can smooth dimples and improve the texture of the skin for at least three years, which is the longest reported duration of an FDA-cleared cellulite treatment available.

How effective are Cellfina® cellulite treatments? Recent evidence suggests that the results could last far longer than observed so far—and in fact may not even be temporary. The satisfaction rate for patients who choose Cellfina® as their cellulite treatment is impressive: In a clinical study, patients showed a notable improvement in skin texture within just three days. Even more outstanding is that 96 percent of patients reported continued satisfaction two years after their cellulite treatment.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Cellfina® Cellulite Treatments?

Patients will often ask, "Who is a good candidate for Cellfina®?" Women and men who are in good health, who maintain a generally stable weight, and who are hoping to reduce dimpling on the backs of the thighs and on the buttocks would be good candidates for this treatment. Potential candidates should also have a good, elastic skin tone without significant laxity.

Cellfina® is not recommended for patients who want to address loose skin or who are overweight or at an unstable, fluctuating weight. A nurse will meet with each patient before making any decision to assess whether they would be a good candidate for this cellulite treatment.

Cellfina® treats individual dimples in the skin, so the cellulite treatment can be ideal for patients who have a few small areas they want to improve. Note that Cellfina® does not treat all forms of skin irregularities. It is generally best for more defined dimples and is not a solution for gentle rolls or stretch marks. Cellfina® will work best for patients who want to minimize dimples but won't be as effective for larger streaks, patches, or waves. Talk to the Cross Medical Group team about options for these conditions.

How Does Cellfina® Work as a Cellulite Treatment?

Simply put, Cellfina® releases the fibrous bands that cause dimpling, enabling the skin to smooth itself out. This mechanical, minimally invasive cellulite treatment severs the tense cords in the skin with what is known as a "subcision" device. The cellulite treatment itself is performed in the Cross Medical Group office, with a session taking between 30 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on how many dimples need to be treated.

Since it is not a major surgical procedure, no general anesthesia is needed. Cellfina® is considered to be a minimally invasive cellulite treatment involving the insertion of a needle-sized device below the skin's surface as a way of targeting the main structural causes of dimpling. The Cellfina® device is inserted into the skin close to each dimple and a tiny, rapidly vibrating blade separates the connective band causing the depression. This process is repeated until the treatment is complete.

Once some of the tight, fibrous bands have been severed and released beneath the skin, the surface is free to spring back into its smooth shape in just a few days. Since Cellfina® is minimally invasive, the cellulite treatment is performed using numbing medicine only, and is very well-tolerated. Cellfina® is a one-time cellulite treatment for cellulite that can be completed in less than one hour.

What Are Results And Recovery Like From Cellfina®?

Cellfina® is a straightforward cellulite treatment that provides precise, proven results. Recovery time for Cellfina® is minimal, with bruising, tenderness, discomfort, and soreness being the most commonly reported short-term side effects. These side effects resolve on their own very quickly. You can resume your normal activities after a Cellfina® cellulite treatment—but may want to rest for the rest of the day. Patients can return to work and be back to their other regular activities within a day or two of their cellulite treatment and start seeing results as early as day three.

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Cellfina® Vs. Other Cellulite Treatments: How Does It Compare?

Unlike other similar devices, when Cellfina® is used, the connective bands do not seem to reattach once they have been released.

A similar treatment option, Avéli®, also severs the septae, though there are some key differences. While Cellfina® involves suction to pull up the treatment area and a blade that cuts the collagen bands below the surface, Avéli® doesn’t use any suction. Instead, the device uses a light-guided system to identify collagen bands, which it cuts with a minimally invasive hooked blade.

Body contouring treatments that make use of radiofrequency energy, ultrasound technology, or lasers for fat reduction may help the appearance of dimpling by reducing the number of fat cells in a given area, since fewer fat cells means less pressure pushing the skin outward, which can cause dimpling to appear less severe. However, these techniques are not cellulite treatments, as they will not address the root cause, which is the flexibility of the fibrous bands. As many thin women know, cellulite can be a frustrating problem unrelated to weight or excess fat. Cellfina® cellulite treatments address the tightness of the connective bands that are woven through the fat—not the fat itself.

What Are Some Other Body Contouring Options?

Frequently, dimpling is not the only cosmetic issue that patients want treated at Cross Medical Group. They may also want to tighten loose skin and reduce fat to improve body contours. Non-surgical SculpSure for body contouring, Ultherapy for skin tightening, and Kybella® for reducing a double chin are all available, with results that enhance skin smoothness. These treatments can often complement Cellfina® cellulite treatments.

Patients who want to deal with excess skin left over after pregnancy or fat reduction in the areas where cellulite typically develops can choose a thigh lift, buttock lift, or lower body lift. Other lifts available include tummy tuck, arm lift, facelift, and neck lift.

No matter a patient's ultimate cosmetic goal, Dr. Cross's team can assess existing contours, skin quality, and more to develop a customized plan designed to deliver personalized results.

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