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Cheek and Chin Implants

Choose Your Facial Contours in the Philadelphia, PA, Area

Why do people choose cheek and chin implants at the Philadelphia area's Cross Plastic Surgery? For women, the chin, in proper proportion, can help define a feminine jawline and help provide youthful fullness to the area around the mouth. In men, a stronger jaw can be used to help create angularity and masculinity. This can be done using one's own tissue or through the use of implants that allow the body to incorporate the cheek or chin implant into its own tissues.

High cheekbones and a strong jawline have long had a history of allure. Along with the eyes, the cheekbones and jawline form the most photogenic aspects of the face. Cheek implants and chin implants are a great way to enhance a facial profile by improving the overall proportion and balance of the face.

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Chin Implant Details

By using chin implants (mentoplasty), the symmetry of the face can be shaped and contoured.

During chin implant surgery, an implant is inserted in front of the jawbone in order to augment the chin or jaw. Most commonly, a small incision, approximately the width of a thumbnail, is placed under the chin, where it is never visible. An alternative option is to place the incision on the inside of the mouth, where the lower lip meets the gums. Two types of implants are commonly used in chin implant surgery. Dr. Cross uses both silicone and Medpor implants, depending on the individual patient's goals and anatomy. Silicone implants can be placed through a slightly smaller incision, while Medpor implants have the advantage of becoming a part of a patient's tissues, minimizing any future risk of implant movement or changes. Finally, small augmentations can be made using a patient's own fat. This is known as structural fat grafting. When placed accurately, fat grafting can be both predictable and very long lasting with the added benefit of no incisions being necessary. Chin implant surgery is commonly performed along with rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Cheek Implant Details

Cheek implants (malarplasty), also known as malar (high cheek) or submalar (low cheek) augmentation, are now used less commonly due to the use of fat and stem cell grafting and newer facelift techniques that can improve on the volume and definition of the cheeks. When implants are used, they add necessary fullness and definition to the face where it is absent.

Incisions are made either inside the mouth or on the inside of the eyelid. Cheek surgery is often performed in conjunction with a facelift procedure, but for very young patients who do not need tissue lifting, an implant alone will often be able to reshape the contours of the face.

Both chin and cheek implant procedures normally last from 30 minutes to one hour.


Dr. Cross is a board-certified plastic surgeon. His philosophy is to develop an individualized treatment plan for each of his patients while using his breadth of experience to ensure that his patients receive long-lasting, natural appearing results that reach their aesthetic goals.

Other Facial Augmentation Details

While it is now possible to achieve many of the desired results of implants with injectable fillers (such as Juvederm® and Restylane®) that can be performed in the office in a few minutes with no downtime and no post-treatment discomfort, utilizing permanent cheek and chin implants can provide a longer lasting rejuvenation and youthful facial profile.

During the office visit, a number of measurements are taken to determine how appropriate a cheek or chin implant will be, how much it will impact the appearance of the face, and what size will be most appropriate. Three-dimensional Vectra imaging is also performed so that the patient can appreciate, while still in the office, what their results will look like on their face. The images can be viewed in a 360-degree fashion, so a patient can see what the rest of the world will see once the cheek or chin implant procedure is complete. The patient's desires play an important role in this decision-making process.

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