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For patients who want to enjoy beautiful results without undergoing surgery, non-surgical treatments performed by the experienced team at the Philadelphia area's Cross Medical Group can lift, tighten, reduce, enhance, and rejuvenate the face and body—all without the need for incisions, sutures, or recovery times associated with more invasive procedures.


The skilled injectors at Cross Medical Group are specially trained and experienced in a wide range of non-surgical treatments, including neuromodulators for smoothing out dynamic wrinkles, fillers to add volume and restore hyaluronic acid to aging skin, and fat-reducing formulas that target the unwanted bulk of a double chin.

Injectable results are not as dramatic as surgery, but depending on the type of treatment used, results can range from months to years to potentially lifelong changes in body contours.


Skin health is not just a good idea—it's vital to life. Unfortunately, we're constantly bombarded with ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, and skin-damaging stressors that can age us prematurely.

Skin care at Cross Medical Group consists of a range of strategies—devices, techniques, and products—that can work together to keep skin happy and healthy, looking smooth, clear, and even youthful. Exfoliation, protection, hydrations, and encouraging cell turnover are key to a radiant look.


Light is a powerful tool in skin rejuvenation and other non-surgical treatments. While sunlight causes physical damage due to ultraviolet radiation, focused or broadband light can repair the skin and trigger healing processes when properly applied.

There are several types of energy—not just light—that can be used to trigger collagen production and provide further skin-tightening, rejuvenating, and beautifying effects. Our team is skilled in operating a wide range of advanced devices.


Lifestyle changes—even faithful diet and exercise regimens—can only get you so far when it comes to body contouring. Fat cells can be stubborn, and no amount of sit-ups or calories burned can control which areas of the body slim down and when.

For anyone seeking non-surgical body contouring, Cross Medical Group provides several options, each designed to allow for customized results. Reduce unwanted fat, tighten lax skin, and get a sleeker silhouette and more toned physique.

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See for yourself the results Dr. Kevin J. Cross and his team are capable of providing, from breast augmentation, facelift, and tummy tuck to BOTOX® and other non-surgical treatments.

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2200 Arch Street Suite 120, Philadelphia, PA 19103
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