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Male Breast Reduction Surgery for Gynecomastia

Achieve More Masculine Chest Contours in the Philadelphia Area

Many men are extremely self-conscious about excess chest tissue that creates a look of breasts. This fatty tissue often resists traditional weight loss and exercise and prompts men to wear bulkier clothing to hide the appearance of their chest, even in summer months. For any man dealing with the development of breasts—known as gynecomastia—in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Kevin Cross offers male breast reduction surgery.

Gynecomastia is a common problem impacting men of all ages and from all walks of life. Because gynecomastia causes breasts to form, men dealing with the problem may completely avoid time at the gym, pool, or beach in order to keep from having to remove their shirt—or may even be embarrassed to the point that their self-image interferes with intimacy. For some young patients with gynecomastia, the problem can resolve on its own as hormones balance out over time, such as after adolescence or if a patient stops taking certain medications or supplements. That said, for most young men and adult men, surgery is the best solution to correcting the effects of gynecomastia.

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What Are Male Breast Reduction Surgery Details?

Men may develop a look of breasts for a variety of reasons. While gynecomastia is a specific condition that involves the formation of actual breast tissue, some overweight men are unhappy with their chest contours due to noticeable pockets of fat. Others who have lost weight may be dealing with the stretched-out skin that has been left behind.

No matter the cause, gynecomastia surgery is typically an outpatient procedure, with the patient returning to work within just a few days of the surgery and getting back into exercise and daily life after a couple of weeks.

Male breast reduction surgery can often be completed through incisions that are just a few millimeters in size, leaving marks that are not apparent even when shirtless. With this specialized gynecomastia surgery technique, Dr. Cross can use liposuction to sculpt and shape the chest. Small to moderate amounts of excess skin can be encouraged to retract using only fat reduction. This is the case for most of the men that Dr. Cross treats. Some men, however, have more significant amounts of excess skin that require skin removal as well.

Many gynecomastia patients have enlarged glandular tissue under the nipple. This can be embarrassing to someone who may otherwise be very fit. In these cases, the tissue in question can be addressed through a small incision hidden around the nipple region.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Recovery after a gynecomastia procedure is relatively straightforward. Patients will wear a chest wrap for the first few days after surgery to decrease swelling in the area. Normal activity can be resumed within a few days, and full activity and exercise is typically possible within two weeks.

Are There More Body Contouring Options for Men?

Men who want a trim, sleek physique can choose from a range of body-contouring procedures and treatments beyond gynecomastia surgery, including tummy tucks to repair separated abdominal muscles and remove stubborn fat and redundant skin. This is an especially effective strategy for men who have successfully lost considerable weight and want to be able to show off a more sculpted look.

Non-surgical procedures yield less dramatic results, but also require less downtime. SculpSure® uses laser energy to melt fat cells, while Ultherapy and Pelleve tighten lax skin with ultrasound energy.

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