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Tummy Tuck via RealSelf

I just had my second surgical procedure with Dr. Cross and once again my results far exceeded my expectations. While I had tremendous faith the procedure would leave me looking and feeling much better about myself, I did have a lot of angst over the final look of my belly button. I viewed tons of before and after photos on RealSelf and many, if not most, looked disformed/oval. Even though Dr. Cross's patients' before and after photos were far superior, I still wondered how mine would turn out.

I could not have asked for a more natural result. In my eyes, he gave me absolute perfection. I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Cross if you are considering plastic surgery. There is a reason Town and Country Magazine named him "one of the most sought after beauty gurus in America." He is kind, caring, and most importantly extremely skilled. Maybe they should add "belly button whisperer" to that headline.

Don't cut corners when selecting your surgeon. Good isn't good enough. Opt for the Best!

Breast Augmentation via RealSelf

Dr. Cross was absolutely amazing! Surgery can be scary and riddled with a lot of anxiety and unknowns. I was extremely cool, calm, and collected going into the procedure because of the confidence I had in his skills and expertise! My results far exceeded my expectations.

Cellfina® via RealSelf

I had an absolutely amazing experience at Cross Medical Group in Philadelphia. I struggled with cellulite my entire life. I have always been in shape (5'6 and 120 lbs). No matter how much I worked out and dieted (and did as many squats as I possibly could), I was never able to get rid of my cellulite (even at my lowest weight!). So when I read about Cellfina, I immediately booked my appointment with Jessica L. Gallen, RN, at Cross Medical Group to have the procedure done. My entire experience was absolutely wonderful. After my consultation with Jessica Gallen, RN, I felt confident that this procedure was for me. I am a bit of a nervous patient when it comes to anything medical, and Jessica couldn't have made me feel more comfortable and calm from the start to the finish. She walked me through every step of the process, making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. For someone as nervous as myself, her warm and comforting presence really made my procedure extremely pleasant. I experienced no pain during the procedure, and very minimal discomfort after (just the normal minimal bruising and some soreness that was expected). Afterward, I was so excited to start seeing my results! I gradually started seeing them as the weeks passed. I am now over one year out and couldn't be happier! My results are fantastic and my "dimples" are still gone! I finally was able to wear my cheeky bikini bottoms that were hiding in the back of my drawer for years! I can't thank Jessica (and Cross Medical Group) enough for such a wonderful experience, and for helping me with achieving my goals and getting me results I once thought I would never be able to get!

Ultherapy® via RealSelf

Excellent. Jessica is clearly an expert in Ultherapy®. She employs cutting edge techniques and is a leader in the field. It is so important to find an experienced and talented practitioner, and Jessica is certainly that. Her bedside manner is also wonderful: She takes time to thoughtfully explain everything, but I am mostly impressed by her expertise, skill, and talent.

Rhinoplasty via RealSelf

I had a rhinoplasty surgery just one week ago. Dr. Kevin Cross and his staff provided a great experience: highly professional, caring, and attentive to detail. Could not be more pleased with my results. Highly recommend Dr. Cross.


Dr. Cross is a board-certified plastic surgeon. His philosophy is to develop an individualized treatment plan for each of his patients while using his breadth of experience to ensure that his patients receive long-lasting, natural appearing results that reach their aesthetic goals.

Lower Facelift, Neck Lift, and Fat Grafting via RealSelf

I thought the downward trend of my lower face was beginning to create an expression of unhappiness that did not reflect how I felt or who I am. I was very ambivalent about cosmetic surgery and spent over a year going back and forth... should I, shouldn't? (My poor husband had to listen to way too much of this.) I think I finally just got tired of the indecision, and I realized if I didn't do it, I would just keep going back and forth, endlessly, until age made the choice for me. I knew nothing about facelifts when I went to my pre-op. I think that the lovely nurse that met with me was shocked that I had done no research at all.

That's why I decided to create a video journal of my experience. I am so grateful to my surgical team for preparing me so well, and I'm indebted to the many women who have helped me by sharing their experiences. This is my attempt to pass it on.

Google Reviews

Dr. Cross is a fantastic surgeon. He makes sure to explain every part of the process to you including before and after, pricing, and recovery, and can really speak to the improvements you experience after recovering. I felt very cared for, not just another patient on the conveyer belt like I felt at other offices during my consultation. Highly recommend him for breast reduction surgery.

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I researched where to get my eyes and nose surgery for years. I went to many cities and interviewed many doctors. No one listened to my goals the way Dr. Cross did, and no one could have given me a better result. I couldn't be happier.

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