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Face Surgery

Facial Lifts, Implants, and More for the Philadelphia Area

The face is not a single unit, but the result of the complex interplay between multiple features. Dr. Kevin Cross must take all of these numerous anatomical variables into account for each face surgery at the Philadelphia area's Cross Plastic Surgery. The goal with every face surgery is not to create results that stand out as having had a procedure, but to shape and alter the target area in such a way that it blends naturally with everything around it for a harmonious result.

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The human face tends to "square" over time, meaning its shape changes as skin and fat descend due to increasing laxity and the constant pull of gravity. A facelift focuses on the middle and lower half of the face, where loose tissues settle and create a heavy look. This heaviness can also extend farther down, too, which is why this surgery also frequently involves changes to the neck. Dr. Cross focuses on balanced results by using advanced techniques to reposition not just skin, but also underlying tissues, through minimal incisions.

Forehead Lift

On the uppermost third of the face, the eyebrows are crucial for conveying both grand and subtle expressions. When the eyebrows' natural, youthful position shifts downward over time, a face at rest can appear angry or sad instead of neutral. A brow lift corrects this by securing the forehead in a more elevated position to create a smoother brow and more alert look.

Eyelid Surgery

Drooping and other age-related changes to the eyelids—both upper and lower—can muddy the clear conveyance of emotions, creating a perpetually angry, disinterested, or tired appearance. Bags underneath cause a person to look exhausted, while hooding and overhanging tissue above the eye can create asymmetry, and even interfere with a clear field of vision. A blepharoplasty can address upper lid changes, lower lid changes, or both.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is complex, highly customizable surgery to alter the central focus of the face: the nose. This prominent structure draws considerable attention, so any deviation in symmetry or proportion can be highly noticeable—as can any surgical correction. Dr. Cross has made a point of intensely practicing advanced techniques when shaping this critical feature, to the point where revision rates to his work are 1/10th the U.S. average. Cosmetic issues with the nose can also indicate internal structural problems, so surgery can improve function as well as form.

Ear Surgery

Since the ears frame the face, excessive prominence can distract from more centralized features. Also known as otoplasty, ear surgery is a procedure intended to ensure the ears are unobtrusive and balanced with other facial features. Surgery can be accomplished in as little as an hour per ear, with minimal, well-hidden scarring.


Dr. Cross is a board-certified plastic surgeon. His philosophy is to develop an individualized treatment plan for each of his patients while using his breadth of experience to ensure that his patients receive long-lasting, natural appearing results that reach their aesthetic goals.

Neck Lift

The neck is a region that frequently shows early and highly visible signs of aging, but many plastic surgeons say surgery to correct poor definition there must be accompanied by a facelift. Dr. Cross explains that this is simply not the case, as he works with more than 50 patients each year whose cosmetic needs are isolated to the neck region. For this group of patients, a neck lift can be ideal.

Cheek and Chin Implants

Definition in the cheeks and chin gives the overall face distinctive character. On the lower portion of the face, chin prominence impacts the look of the neck, jawline, and mouth, conveying masculinity or femininity. Higher up, the cheekbones greatly impact the eyes, as well as the nose. Cheek and chin implants allow Dr. Cross to shape the face to create a more intentional profile, with chin surgery often accompanying nose surgery for balance, and cheek surgery pairing with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting can be used to add natural volume to many areas of the body, including the face. The process involves taking fat from one area that has plenty, processing the collected fat cells, and then injecting them with finesse and in small amounts to achieve a change that is natural looking and long lasting. Fat transfer can be used to subtly augment the lips, redefine facial contours, and more.

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