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BBL and IPL for Photorejuvenation

Using Intense Pulsed Light to Address Sun Damage and More in the Philadelphia Area

Light can damage the skin when ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes spots, fine lines, and other cosmetic problems to develop. But light can also improve the skin in the form of photorejuvenation with intense pulsed light (IPL) and BroadBand Light (BBL®) at the Philadelphia area’s Cross Medical Group. Using nonsurgical devices that deliver intense pulsed light into the treatment area, aestheticians can target specific skin complaints, like discrete spots or visible veins.

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What Is BBL®?

BBL® is an abbreviated way to say "broadband light," which is different from a laser. Light is made up of many wavelengths across the visible and invisible spectrum, and lasers use just one wavelength to create a focused beam. BBL®, on the other hand, uses multiple wavelengths, delivered in quick and intense bursts.

There are multiple IPL devices available. BBL®, made by Sciton, is the most powerful and provides multiple wavelengths to treat a wide range of skin conditions, including acne, freckles and other pigmented lesions, the redness of rosacea, spider veins and other vascular lesions, and even mild skin laxity. It can also be used for hair reduction.

BBL® works best for patients who have lighter skin tones and lesions and blemishes that have a darker pigmentation than the surrounding skin. The darker cells and surrounding pigments, known as chromophores, absorb the light energy, which is delivered through a rectangular frame moved in overlapping sections around the treatment area. The light is translated into heat, which causes visible vessels and broken capillaries to collapse and eventually be reabsorbed, brown spots to gradually flake away, and facial redness to fade.

The heat generated by a BBL® treatment can also be used to trigger collagen production in specialized cells, leading to the creation of more of the protein that "fills in" wrinkles. This can make certain scars become less noticeable, as well as cause the skin in the treated area to appear smoother, firmer, and younger.

Patients may have a single spot they want addressed, or they could be seeking improvement for a number of signs of aging and sun damage.

What Is BBL HERO®?

While a typical BBL® treatment is quite effective, BBL HERO® is an advancement on the technology that makes treatment sessions faster and more efficient. The intense pulses of light are more rapid, which results in a more powerful treatment that allows the aesthetician to focus on larger or multiple areas without dramatically increasing the time of a session.

Despite the step up in intensity, patients can still expect comfort. The BBL HERO® device is specially designed to glide over the surface of the skin with the help of a friction-reducing gel, as opposed to being manually and repeatedly repositioned in overlapping sections. It also employs an enhanced cooling system. While temperatures in the targeted lesions are high enough to properly damage the pigmented cells, the surface temperature stays much cooler.

What Results Can Be Expected from BBL®?

Results develop gradually after an IPL treatment, and while there can be improvement after a single session, multiple sessions may be required for patients to achieve the clear texture and tone they are seeking.

With the newer technology available via BBL HERO®, full correction is often achieved even with one BroadBand Light® treatment.

Red and sensitive treated skin should be kept out of sunlight for the first few days after an IPL photorejuvenation session. Initial results will start to be visible within days of the treatment, and will continue to improve in the following days and weeks as pigmented cells flake away or are absorbed and new collagen molecules accumulate in the skin.

A consultation can help to determine whether this treatment, laser skin resurfacing, or another option would be ideal for specific patients.

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Contact Cross Medical Group for IPL photorejuvenation with BBL® in Philadelphia (215) 561-9100 or Main Line's Villanova (610) 688-9100. You can also send a message online to inquire about a consultation, or for more information.


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