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QWO® Cellulite Treatment

The First Ever Injectable For Smoothing Unwanted Dimpling In The Philadelphia Area

Body contouring treatments often focus on fat reduction and skin tightening, but the texture of your skin can also have an impact on your appearance. Having an uneven, dimpled surface can be as bothersome to many people as excess fat or loose skin—and take a corresponding toll on your confidence. Almost all women have some form of cellulite, but there are thankfully science-backed ways to make the condition less noticeable or get rid of it completely so you no longer have to feel awkward about showing off your skin. QWO® cellulite treatment from the Philadelphia area's Cross Medical Group is the first and only injectable approved by the FDA for reducing moderate to severe cellulite.

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Schedule a QWO® cellulite treatment at Philadelphia area-based Cross Aesthetics by calling (215) 561-9100 (Philadelphia) or (610) 688- 9100 (Villanova), or send a message online.

What Causes Cellulite?

Though it's often assumed that cellulite is caused by being overweight or having sagging skin, the condition actually has nothing to do with either of those things. The indentations, bumps, and depressions aren't fat. They're actually related to tiny compartments in the skin where the fat cells below are divided up. The resulting crowded conditions cause the skin above to push outward, which wouldn't be a problem—if not for the bands of collagen that run from the underside of the surface to the layers below. These bands, called septae, prevent the skin's surface from pushing outward uniformly. Instead, small divots appear where the bands tether the surface. This means even very slender people and those who exercise regularly can have cellulite.

Although the condition is basically harmless, you can address these unwanted dimples with a QWO® cellulite treatment if you find them unappealing. Women are more likely than men to develop cellulite— typically after puberty—because of how their collagen is structured. Women's collagen is arranged in parallel rows, while they also tend to have weaker connective tissues, thinner skin, and more significant fat tissue, making it more likely for them to have visible cellulite.

Although aging skin that has lost its elasticity, genetic factors, a sedentary lifestyle, and weight gain aren't direct causes of cellulite, they can make it appear more pronounced.

How Does Qwo® Cellulite Treatment Work?

Many treatments that claim to reduce cellulite are topical creams and lotions that aren't effective because they don't fix what's actually causing the problem below the skin's surface. QWO® cellulite treatment—or collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes—is made of a combination of collagenases, which are enzymes that dissolve collagen. Specifically, a QWO® cellulite treatment targets the bands of collagen that pull the surface into dimples.

The injectable is approved for minimizing moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks for adult women. QWO® cellulite treatment is designed to dissolve types 1 and 3 collagen specifically to release the fibrous septae bands in the skin.

What Is The Qwo® Cellulite Treatment Process Like?

A QWO® cellulite treatment is a straightforward, non-surgical procedure that can take as little as 10 minutes. Areas of your skin are marked with a pen, and the medicine is injected directly into the dimpled areas, breaking down the buildup of collagen that's causing the indentations.

Patients can expect to be sore for the first few days after the shot and to see bruising in the treatment area. There is no downtime needed from work, but plan for a break from exercise and wearing anything that would show bruises. Since there's more fat below the skin on the lower body area compared to the face, QWO® cellulite treatments are considered to be more comfortable than facial injections.

The results from a QWO® cellulite treatment will appear gradually, and patients may need multiple treatment cycles for optimal results.

Alternatives To Qwo® Cellulite Treatment

QWO® cellulite treatment is one option for reducing dimples, but Cross Aesthetics also offers Cellfina® as another way of making skin firmer and more even. Unlike QWO®, Cellfina® involves using a microblade cutting technique to dismantle the tightened cords of connective tissue that are causing the cellulite.

Reducing unwanted fat and making your skin firmer can also make cellulite less noticeable and improve your overall body proportions. SculpSure® has a laser system that heats up and liquefies fat in "problem areas" on the body, creating more defined contours. Ultrasound-based Ultherapy® stimulates collagen production to make skin firmer, resulting in a smoother-looking surface.

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Schedule a QWO® cellulite treatment at Philadelphia area-based Cross Aesthetics by calling (215) 561-9100 (Philadelphia) or (610) 688- 9100 (Villanova), or send a message online.


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