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What Can You Do to Stop Expression Wrinkles?

Many of the most common types of facial wrinkles—such as wavy lines on the forehead, “elevens” between the brows, and creases at the sides of the nose—aren’t caused primarily by aging. These lines are actually associated more with the movements of facial muscles that are attached to the skin on the surface. Your skin is continuously being stretched and pulled, so it begins to develop creases over time. To make matters worse, as the skin ages, it loses elasticity and can’t spring back into shape as easily as it once would. Wrinkle-smoothing injections at our Philadelphia-area practice are a very effective way of preventing the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles.

How? A chemical called botulinum toxin—the active ingredient in BOTOX® injections—blocks signals being sent from the brain to the muscles via the nervous system. This inhibits contractions, so the skin in the treatment area rests instead of pulling into folds or lines.

It may be possible to keep these muscles still by making fewer expressions, but wrinkle-causing habits are often difficult to avoid, and we can’t exactly keep a poker face forever. There are, however, some changes you can make in your everyday life to keep fine lines and creases at bay. 

Wear Sunscreen Every Day 

Even when you’re driving or spending most of your time indoors, UV radiation can get through the windows and break down collagen fibers in your skin, causing frown lines and crow’s feet to become more pronounced. 

Wear Glasses 

Frequent squinting and grimacing have been known to cause wrinkles, particularly the tiny creases around the sides of the eyes called crow’s feet. Wear eyeglasses if you need them while you’re using your computer, adjust the font size and brightness, sit at the proper distance and angle from your PC or laptop, and do what you can to prevent glare from windows. This will also improve your eyesight. Wear sunglasses when you need them, even if you’re just going for a short walk. 

Avoid Repetitive Movements 

Any repetitive muscle movements, such as those involved in chewing gum or pursing your lips while drinking from straws or water bottles, can lead to wrinkles around the mouth. Try changing your habits.

Learn all about wrinkle-relaxing injections from Cross Medical Group. Find out more about what’s involved by calling us at (215) 561-9100, or submit a contact form to request a consultation.


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