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How Long Will It Take to See Results from a Tummy Tuck?

Having excess belly fat is a common problem for millions of men and women—including people who are otherwise fit. Although it’s often considered to be an inevitable aspect of getting older (and it’s true that you can inherit genes from your parents that give you a higher risk of developing a belly bulge), there is still hope. It’s possible to slim down the belly area through exercise, although this strategy might take a longer time and be more difficult for one person compared to another who is prone to having a slimmer waistline because of genetics.

If exercise isn’t giving you the appearance you want, or you’re also trying to address other abdominal issues—like significantly stretched-out skin and weakened core muscles—there’s another option. You might want to consider combining tummy tuck surgery from our Philadelphia-area practice with a healthy lifestyle to finally achieve the dramatic results you’re looking for. 

A tummy tuck can, without a doubt, produce transformative results. The big question is “When?” One aspect of the procedure most patients want to know is how long it will take for them to notice a flatter belly after their surgery. 

The exact length of time it takes for recovery will depend significantly on how extensive the surgery is. Some tummy tuck surgeries involve Dr. Kevin Cross removing a modest amount of lax skin and excess fat, while others require more fat removal and muscle repair.

No matter the specifics, patients typically find that taking several weeks off of work, as well as most of their normal activities, is ideal for giving themselves time to heal. The body will continue to heal after this, with results continuing to improve in the following months. If you plan on flaunting your sculpted body by the time summer comes around, it makes sense to start planning well in advance and get the ball rolling in the winter.

Ready to learn more about what tummy tuck surgery involves? Dr. Kevin Cross and the team at Cross Medical Group can answer any questions you might have about the treatment. Call us today at (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation if this sounds like the right option for you—or if you would like to explore other potential body-contouring solutions. 


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