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Considering an Arm Lift? Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Can plastic surgery fix loose tissue on the arms? Our Philadelphia-area team at Cross Medical Group knows that the upper arms are a problem area for many. Upper arm fat and excess skin combine to create a cosmetic problem often referred to as “bingo wings” or “batwings.” Lifestyle factors can cause you to be more prone …

Is a Facelift the Right Choice for Me?

“How do I decide if I need a facelift?” Philadelphia-area patients considering anti-aging techniques frequently ask the Cross Medical Group team this question when they’re looking into surgery that involves correcting several areas on the lower face.  First, consider that many aspects of the face change as we age—and we have little to no control over …

Liposuction vs. Weight Loss: Which is Better?

“Is getting liposuction worth it?” Philadelphia-area patients may ask themselves this question when they’re thinking about choosing a fat reduction procedure for areas they have difficulty toning up with diet and exercise. It goes without saying that we all have different body shapes. Aside from losing overall weight, many people also want to reduce specific areas …

How Long Will It Take to See Results from a Tummy Tuck?

Having excess belly fat is a common problem for millions of men and women—including people who are otherwise fit. Although it’s often considered to be an inevitable aspect of getting older (and it’s true that you can inherit genes from your parents that give you a higher risk of developing a belly bulge), there is …


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