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Am I the Right Candidate for a Nose Job?

While the eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul, your nose is at the center of your face, playing an important role in overall facial harmony and balance. Even just the smallest change to the shape of your nose can significantly improve the symmetry of the entire face. Here’s what patients should know if they’re curious about what makes a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery at our Philadelphia-area practice. 

Rhinoplasty can provide a major boost to self-confidence, but patients should always have it done for themselves, rather than to please someone else. After all, they will be the one living with the results!

Each person has a different bone structure, nasal skin thickness, and nasal musculature, so Dr. Kevin Cross will work with you to decide whether rhinoplasty is an option and what the procedure can realistically accomplish. 

This surgery may be ideal for someone who is unhappy with the overall appearance of their nose and understands what kind of changes they wish to make. Patients with one or more cosmetic concerns may be ideal candidates for a rhinoplasty. Some examples include a dorsal hump (which is a bump on the bridge of the nose), a nose that is overly narrow or wide, asymmetry due to the nose being twisted or deviated, a pronounced or disproportionate nasal tip, a drooping nasal tip, and deformities caused by nasal injuries. The age and emotional maturity of the patient will be other factors to be taken into consideration. 

Although younger patients can have nose jobs, the procedure is recommended for patients whose skeletal and soft tissue facial growth is complete. Good candidates include those who are physically healthy with no serious medical conditions or illnesses, don’t have body dysmorphia, and don’t smoke—or who have shown that they can stop smoking for a prolonged length of time. Patients should maintain a positive outlook and realistic expectations for the improvements they can make. 

Want more advice about what makes a good candidate for rhinoplasty? Contact the Philadelphia area’s Dr. Kevin Cross at Cross Medical Group for more details. Call (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation and find out more about what this cosmetic procedure is like. 


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