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3 Unexpected Benefits of BOTOX®

Many facial wrinkles are caused by constant facial movements and expressions—such as lifting the eyebrows, squinting, frowning, and chewing—and are linked to the movements of underlying muscles. Because of how these types of wrinkles form, topical skin care products simply can’t address them. Instead, patients who want a more youthful look will need neuromodulators, such as BOTOX®, that work by relaxing facial muscles associated with the specific lines. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin appears to be smoother and more youthful. Unlike topical products, BOTOX® works directly on the muscles themselves. While we know about the benefits of BOTOX® around eyes—and our Philadelphia-area practice also recommends these injections for softening fine lines and wrinkles on other areas, such as the forehead and between the eyebrows—you may not realize that there are several benefits beyond minimizing wrinkles associated with this treatment. 

BOTOX® Has Preventative Effects

The benefits of BOTOX® for smoothing dynamic facial wrinkles are well-documented, but another major advantage of this treatment is that it can also delay the development of future wrinkles. By blocking nerve responses and relaxing muscles underneath the skin, this injectable reduces the facial expressions that cause wrinkles. 

Help You Cope with Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts tend to occur more frequently during the summer months because of the increased production of sweat and oil when temperatures are higher. If you’re tired of dealing with summer breakouts or have acne prone skin, the good news is that BOTOX® can be helpful for preserving clearer skin. Although a prescribed treatment will be best to treat acne, these injections decrease oil production in the forehead when tiny amounts are injected very superficially. 

Your Face Won’t Be Frozen 

Another great thing about BOTOX® is that, despite some popular misconceptions, it won’t prevent you from making normal facial expressions. You shouldn’t be afraid that you won’t be able to move your face after having these injections. When BOTOX® is injected by an experienced professional, your natural appearance will be preserved—but will simply look more rejuvenated. 

Get more details about the benefits of BOTOX® from our team at Cross Medical Group. Call (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation to learn more about how wrinkle injections can transform your appearance. 


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