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What is the “Drop and Fluff” Process for Breast Augmentation?

One of the most common questions we hear in regard to breast augmentation is, “Is it normal for breast implants to drop?” Our Philadelphia-area team at Cross Medical Group can explain everything you need to know about the recovery process and results from breast surgery procedures, but the short answer here is “yes.”

“Drop and fluff” is an informal but term used in relation to breast implants. In fact, it’s likely one of the most common terms you’ll see when you’re learning about how implants work. It refers to a process that’s a critical part of your recovery after breast augmentation and will have a major impact on the final results. Here’s what our patients should know about how dropping and fluffing will be a part of their post-surgical life. 

It’s common for breast implants to sit very high and appear rounder or flatter that you would like them to be right after you have had breast augmentation. There’s no need to be concerned if this is what they’re like in the first week of recovery, because the end results will be different. In most cases, the “dropping and fluffing” aspect of breast implants will occur gradually, developing over the span of three to four months after your initial surgery as the implants settle. 

Due to the effects of gravity, a round implant will eventually become more teardrop shaped as the bottom of the implant drifts downward into the bottom of the breast area. Changes in surrounding tissues also play a role. What’s happening is that the implants are settling into a more natural position as the skin stretches, muscles relax, and swelling on the upper chest goes down. This is what’s referred to as the “drop” part of “drop and fluff.” 

The “fluff” refers to the implants filling out the lower parts of the breasts below the nipples, allowing them to have a softened and convex appearance. The skin is initially tight and hard, but it gradually stretches and expands to accommodate the breast implants.

The timing of this drop and fluff process varies depending on the patient and the type of implants used. 

At Cross Medical Group, we can guide you on everything you need to know about post-procedural results and recovery after breast augmentation. Call us at (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation so that you can find out more about what to expect from breast enhancement surgery. 


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