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Jump-Start 2021: Here’s How to Get Swimsuit-Ready for Spring Break

We all want to feel confident and look our best when we’re about to ditch the heavy jackets and show a lot more skin during the warmer months. But you can’t really expect to achieve your goals overnight with last minute diets and ab-blasting exercise marathons. Even cosmetic procedures tend to take a few months to produce ideal results, so it’s wise to get started ahead of time. That way, you can flaunt your slimmed-down figure and great skin in time for spring and summer. Not to mention, your skin tends to be ultra-sensitive to sunlight right after being treated by lasers and is more likely to burn, blister, scar, or develop unwanted pigmentation if you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, so patients usually prefer to have these treatments done during the wintertime. With that in mind, consider some cosmetic procedures, including Cellfina®, which our Philadelphia area practice offers, that give your body the extra finishing touches it needs to enhance your overall look for the swimsuit season:

Try Cellfina®

Up to 90 percent of women have some degree of cellulite, so if you’re self-conscious about some dimpled skin on your thighs or butt area, you’re definitely not alone. Topical creams and other topical cosmetic treatments don’t do much for reducing cellulite. Cellfina® is a more effective treatment, as it targets the root cause of the problem by severing connective bands below the surface. These bands pull down on the skin from below, causing the unwanted dimples, so “cutting” them releases the tension and leads to smoother skin.

Have a Laser Hair Removal Session

Lasers can give you silky smooth skin while greatly cutting down on the time and expense of razors, waxing, and other tedious hair-removal methods. Multiple laser hair removal sessions that are spaced several weeks apart will be necessary for optimized results, since each treatment reduces your unwanted body hair by up to 80 percent.

Choose SculpSure®

This non-surgical treatment uses laser energy to reduce fat in isolated, exercise-resistant problem areas. Your body processes fat cells damaged by the laser treatment, leading to a reduction in volume that plays out over 12 weeks.

Focus on Certain Areas

To look great in your bikini or swim trunks, commit to sculpting exercises that target the lower body, arms, and back. Squats, lunges, and shoulder presses are very effective.

Want to look slimmer, more toned, and noticeably sculpted by the time the warmer months come around? Get a head start with help from our Cross Plastic Surgery team by trying aesthetic treatments like laser hair removal and Cellfina® in the Philadelphia area. Call (215) 561-9100 (Philadelphia) or (610) 688-9100 (Main Line), or submit a contact form to request a consultation.


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