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How Do You Choose the Best Size for Breast Implants?

What is the perfect implant size? Our Philadelphia– and Villanova-based team at Cross Medical Group knows that this is often a question on the minds of patients considering breast augmentation.

The results from breast augmentation will depend on several choices a patient makes with the counsel of Dr. Kevin Cross or Dr. Jackie Lyons. When it comes to the various factors involved in breast augmentation, breast implant size is one of the most important characteristics to weigh. 

Anything of vital importance to the surgery will be discussed during a thorough consultation. In the meantime, here are some things to consider in regard to implant sizing:

Cubic centimeters or CCs are used to describe or measure breast implants. Sizes typically range from 200cc to 600cc. A patient’s specific implant size will usually be chosen based on several factors, including the patient’s anatomy and how natural they would like their final results to look.

One thing to remember is that the number of CCs in breast implants does not correlate with breast size. There’s no way of guaranteeing that you will have a specific cup size after implants. Instead, we will focus on ensuring that the implants are proportionate with the patient’s chest wall diameter along with the amount of breast tissue they naturally have.

Many people want to improve the appearance of the breasts without having them look overly large or unnatural. In other cases, patients may want a more dramatic change. Either way, we wouldn’t want to over-augment patients, as the size discrepancy could cause the implants to look overly large for the patient’s body and may cause other types of complications.

Patients can try on different implant sizers or take a look at before-and-after photos of breast augmentation patients who have a similar body frame to them if they would like to get a better idea of how different implant sizes could look.

Overall, when you’re choosing an implant size, consider how it will affect the way clothing fits you, whether it will affect your lifestyle, and how much attention you’re comfortable with getting after the successful procedure.

Our Philadelphia-area team at Cross Medical Group can guide you on everything you’ll need to know about selecting breast implant sizes and more. Call us at (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation to discuss breast augmentation.


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