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Can You Get a “Healthy Glow” Without UV Exposure?

For many decades, Americans have associated a sun-kissed look with good health, but experts say that any form of tan is potentially harmful to your skin. The increase in melanin that gives us a tan is itself a form of damage. Additionally, excess sun exposure causes cosmetic issues like wrinkles and hollows due to drying out the skin and hastening the destruction of collagen. Volume-adding treatments like dermal fillers can address this loss, but some patients wonder: Is it okay to use fillers in sunny weather? The Philadelphia area’s injectors at Cross Medial Group explain that facial fillers are ideal for any time of the year, including sunny days, since (unlike many other cosmetic treatments for the skin) fillers aren’t affected by the sun exposure.

Fillers can be the ideal treatment for reducing the static wrinkles that are linked to too much sun exposure after summer, such as lines around the mouth and cheeks. Hyaluronic acid fillers like the Juvederm® collection add fullness to the skin, decreasing the depth of those etched-in wrinkles and giving the skin a more youthful look.

But what about if you still want that bronzed look to follow you into the fall? Since sun exposure causes burns and increases visible signs of aging, our patients are often curious about how they can get that enviable golden glow naturally without damaging their skin. 

Self-tanner is your friend when it comes to getting the radiant tone you want without having to damage your skin by spending hours in the sun. Just remember to shave a day ahead of time, exfoliate, and apply extra moisturizer before you use self-tanner for optimized results. Self-tanners are the perfect option not only for a summertime look, but also if you want to maintain that glow throughout the year.

Keep in mind that while sunless tanners are best for your body, it’s best to use bronzer on your face. Bronzers will often contain ingredients that hydrate your skin at the same time, which addresses texture in addition to pigment.

Contact our Philadelphia-area team at Cross Medical Group to get more information about maintaining skin health and beauty, as well as advice on products to use. Call us at (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultationto learn more about how wrinkle injections can transform your appearance. 


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