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What Are the New Cosmetic Procedures to Try Right Now?

We caught up with some of the most talented cosmetic specialists in the area to find out what procedures are a must-try this season.

1. MiraDry

“As we move into the warmer weather, perspiration and underarm odor are common concerns among men and women alike. I’m very excited to offer a first-to-market technology called MiraDry, which eliminates underarm odor and sweat by 85 percent, with only one treatment needed. With MiraDry, you eliminate the worry of perspiring through your favorite clothes, emitting odors during the hotter months—in some cases, it ultimately renders deodorants unnecessary for the rest of your life.” —Dr. Louis P. Bucky, MD, FACS at Louis P. Bucky Plastic Surgery

2. Cellfina

“The unofficial start of summer is weeks away. Many women dread bathing suit season, and for years, I dreaded the conversations in the office that came with this time of year. Every spring, I am bombarded with requests for a treatment for cellulite—patients inquire whether liposuction, lasers, cold sculpting, or creams can help. Until now, the answer has been a resounding no. Cellfina, an in-office, one hour, single session treatment has finally changed that with a 96 percent patient satisfaction rate two years after the treatment. I owe Cellfina a debt of gratitude for allowing me to finally say yes, there is an effective treatment for cellulite.” —Dr. Kevin J. Cross, MD at Cross Plastic Surgery

3. Silk Peel Body Dermalinfusion

“A silk peel body dermalinfusion is a great way to give the full body a boost just in time for spring and summer. These relatively new treatments address imperfections of the skin by targeting cellulite and restoring elasticity. By using dermabrasion with an infusion of hyaluronic acid or lumixyl, the silk peel body brightens, firms, and tones the skin. It also exfoliates the skin while increasing cell renewal, hydrating and soothing, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and sun damage, acne scars and stretch marks. Every patient is different, but results are often seen with just one visit. Silk peel body is a particularly effective way to prep the body before using self-tanners, or for anyone who is getting ready for an event and wants a full-body touch up.” —Jeanne Vos, LMA, clinical aesthetician in the plastic surgery division at Penn Medicine

4. Treatment of the Hollow Temple

“I have noticed that one thing that has become very popular is the treatment of hollow temples. Patients come in, and as they age they start to lose volume in the lateral portions of their forehead. What happens, particularly with women, is they start to lose the very tip of their brow. That lateral tip is turning backwards because of the loss of volume in the temple. So what I will do is inject the temple with a thick filler, which not only allows the temple to be re-inflated, but it gives the face a youthful, rounder look, and helps to reestablish the front view of the face. In turn, it also gives the patient a small brow lift, just by filling out the hollowness.” —Dr. Timothy M. Greco MD, FACS at Eastern Cosmetics Surgery Institute

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