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Should You Consider Liposuction If You’re Overweight?

When we lose weight and the number goes down on the scale, it would be great if the fat just got zapped away and never returned—but this unfortunately isn’t the case. Instead, when we reach adulthood, we have a certain number of fat cells that remain fairly stagnant, and the way they are distributed is determined not by exercise or diet, but primarily by genetics, hormones, age, and gender. Since these factors can make losing fat from certain areas a difficult endeavor, patients can choose surgical fat removal from our Philadelphia-area practice to sculpt their bodies with liposuction.

A calorie deficit that leads to weight loss doesn’t “send” fat cells anywhere. The cells simply get smaller even as their numbers stay the same. Some of the liquid fat the cells contain is used up by the body for fuel, and any by-products—like carbon dioxide and water—are metabolized. The reason why our bodies slim down is because the fat cells physically shrink, but they can always potentially become enlarged again when we put on weight, which explains why it’s so difficult for many people to maintain their weight-loss results.  

Are you hoping to lose a significant amount of weight? If so, liposuction isn’t the right option. Liposuction is designed for cosmetic fat reduction as opposed to weight loss. Bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes are better ways to achieve a significant reduction in weight, especially for health reasons.

With that in mind, liposuction is intended for a patient who is close to (within 30 percent) or at their ideal weight and in good health. People with higher BMIs have higher risks of complications during surgery. Patients who are very obese also are more likely to not get good results and have a higher chance of experiencing contour irregularities.

Liposuction is ideal for addressing small, localized pockets of fat, such as love handles, a muffin top, or a double chin that won’t go away even after you adjust your diet and spend all your time at the gym. It works on soft, below-the-skin fat that you can feel as opposed to hard, visceral fat on the abdomen. Liposuction also works better for those who have good skin elasticity and muscle tone, since elastic skin is more likely to contract after volume is removed, better revealing the muscles beneath.

Surgical fat removal from Cross Medical Group could be exactly what you need to finally enjoy a more proportional and toned body. Call us at (215) 561-9100 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.


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