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New Year, New Health & Beauty Secrets!

Each month we’re here to give our fabulous followers the latest news and insider tips from deme’s team of experts. 2016 has arrived, and it’s brought along new health and beauty secrets to help you recover from the holiday rush. We’ve got you covered from clinical skin care to functional medicine and everything in between. Read on to find out what’s new in the world of deme!

With every wish for your continued health and fabulousness,
Your devoted team at deme.

Skin Care

Skin Care: Trends-Magic Water Droplets

2016 Trends-Magic Water Droplets

In 2015, beauty trends from Korea invaded the U.S., and sheet masks and brightening products were all the rage. This year, the Korean invasion continues as the skin care industry is seeing a breakthrough new formula on the rise.

The make-up at New York trade shows this year featured Korea’s latest skin care advancement, “magic water droplets.” This trendy new formula is very similar to a serum, but it is extremely lightweight. Made up of tiny micro-droplets, this new formula cools and moisturizes on contact. It can even reduce redness and firm the skin. This type of product is perfect for people who need hydration but don’t want to feel oily.


Make-Up: Bold Statements

Bold Statements

In recent years, a clean, simple look has taken over the make-up scene, but all that is ending in 2016. Bright lips and dramatic eyes are making a comeback. Whether it’s shiny or matte, bright red lipstick is a trend all designers and celebs are following in the new year. Equally as bold, blue is the color for eyes in 2016. From navy to turquoise, all shades are in. Go with a more traditional look with a navy smoky eye shadow or spice it up with bright blue lines across your lids. This blue trend has even made it’s way to mascara. Colored mascaras are a great way to add your own personal style to your look this year for fun occasions.


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