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Fox 29 – More Men Opt To Get Rid Of The Dreaded ‘Turkey Neck’

PHILADELPHIA – By Joyce Evans, Reporter

No matter how hard you might try to exercise or cover it up, getting rid of that “turkey neck” can be tough.

Women aren’t the only ones embarrassed by it, a fast growing number of men – some in their 30s and 40s, are going under the knife to get rid of it.

As FOX 29’s Joyce Evans learned, the key is choosing a treatment that offers realistic and natural looking results.

A strong jaw line is a must for high fashion models and Hollywood hunks. But most non-model men will tell you they don’t have to have the sleek jaw line, but they do want to get rid of their turkey neck.

More than ever, Dr. Kevin Cross says more men are doing something about it.

Retired banker Jim Woolsey says in social situations, younger guys referred to him as pops. So, he went under the knife and he tells FOX 29 he’s not ashamed of it.

“I don’t care about a macho image, I care about not looking like a creepy old guy,” Woolsley said.

After his surgery, Jim and Dr. Cross suited up at Lankenau Medical Center for a lower face and neck lift, including fat grafting injections – a procedure that costs between $14-16,000.

The question is; how will Jim look when he wakes up from a long sleep?

A week later, Jim has some bruising and swelling, but you can already see the different – and he’s far from done.

Joyce Evans will show you the final results in about six weeks – stay tuned.


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