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Rhinoplasty - Case 10

Surgeon : Kevin Cross


This patient wanted a nose that had less of a bump but also less projection on her face.  Taking away nasal projection is one of the more difficult maneuvers in rhinoplasty surgery, but had the bump been reduced without reducing the projection, the tip would have looked even more over projected in the final result.  Too often, I see results by other physicians where the bump is removed, but the nose remains too long or too projected against the proportions of the face.  Even many social media posts by rhinoplasty surgeons suffer from this issue.  The overlay image shown above highlights how reducing the projection of the nose can be done naturally and effectively.  Finally, on the side by side, another nuance is notable.  We did not use a chin implant to significantly increase the projection of her chin, but the shape was subtly brought out by using fat grafting.  For this effect, fat was taken from around her belly button and placed into the chin using small needle marks.  No incisions were necessary for the chin augmentation. 

*Individual patient results may vary

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