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Facelift - Case 6

Surgeon : Kevin Cross


This patient was 62 years old when she came to the office desiring a more rested and youthful look. We took a thorough approach to her rejuvenation, using small adjustments to a number of areas to address her age-related changes. An endoscopic brow procedure was chosen to reduce the scowled appearance between her eyes using incisions hidden in the hair, less than a finger width in length. The skin was removed from her upper eyelids, and a conservative amount of fat and skin was removed from her lower eyelids. Dr. Cross then performed his extended deep plane face and neck lift. A small amount of her own fat, taken from around the belly button, was used to replenish some of what was lost through the natural aging process. This fat was injected using small syringes and needles into her areas of deflation. Finally, a resurfacing of her skin was performed. Not one procedure was overdone, but cumulatively, the result delivers a more youthful appearance to the face.

*Individual patient results may vary

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