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Breast Augmentation - Case 2

Surgeon : Kevin Cross


This case illustrates many aspects of modern breast augmentation surgery. The patient is 35 years old and had old saline implants that were too far apart. Her breasts had too much fullness on the sides and not enough in the cleavage region. Putting implants too close together in an attempt to maximize the appearance of the cleavage could cause damage to a patient's muscles and ruin the shape of the breasts. Instead, Dr. Cross upgraded the patient from 400cc saline implants to 470cc high profile Sientra silicone implants. Dr. Cross repositioned the pocket where her implants sit to move them out of the armpit. He then used fat grafting to improve the shape and appearance of the cleavage. To do this, Dr. Cross used a gentle form of liposuction to take fat from the thigh regions. Dr. Cross placed the fat into the area between the implant and the middle of the breast, molding it to shape the cleavage into its current appearance. The end result is a very pleasing shape with no visible scars.

*Individual patient results may vary

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