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Breast Augmentation - Case 18

Surgeon : Kevin Cross


This patient was unhappy with the sagginess and deflation of her breasts. She didn't want to be excessively large but wanted to restore the shape and perkiness of her breasts. To achieve this, Dr. Cross used a 250cc implant on her right side and a slightly larger 275cc implant on her left side to maximize symmetry. To help ensure that her tissues don't stretch over time and that her implants don't move out of position and maximize how much lift we can achieve with the implants, Dr. Cross used a relatively new mesh called Galaflex.  Galaflex slowly absorbs over time and, in doing so, leaves stronger natural tissue around the implant. The galaflex is placed like a hammock to support and hold up the implant and breast tissues. Dr. Cross then lifted her breast tissues to achieve the perkiness. The after pictures are two months out from her surgery. The incisions will continue to fade over time, but her breasts should remain exactly where they are for many years.

*Individual patient results may vary

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