The Arm Lift

Hanging skin and excess fat of the upper arms is a problem that troubles many people. This loose skin and fat of the upper arms results either from significant weight loss, or as the skin and other tissues of the arm stretch with age.  It is a significant cosmetic issue that, in many cases, prevents the wearing of sleeveless tops.

images of female patient before and after brachioplasty

female patient before and after brachioplasty

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Traditionally, the operation routinely used to correct this problem – the brachioplasty – uses an incision from the armpit (axilla) to the elbow.  The incision is hidden either in the shadows of the inner arm or at the bottom of the arm.  Over time, the incisions fade nicely and the improvement in arm contour will typically far out way the presence of an incision.

For patients with significant skin looseness, this is still the procedure of choice in Dr. Cross’s office, but for those with less severe laxity, Dr. Cross now uses a revolutionary new approach.  The excess hanging arm skin is corrected using an incision that is hidden in the armpit. For most patients, the old approach with the long scar from the armpit to the elbow is no longer necessary. Many people, however, will need liposuction to further sculpt the arm.

patient before and after brachioplasty

patient before and after Arm Lifts

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The operation is generally performed using sedation ( twilight sleep) and takes under two hours. Dissolving sutures are used and drains are not usually necessary. Patients can bath or shower the next day and begin aerobic workouts in two weeks. However, the arms should not be raised above the shoulders the first four postoperative weeks.

Patient satisfaction is very high with the hidden scar technique.


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