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Written by Dr. Cross

Achieve fuller, semi-permanently filled eyebrows with our popular makeup solution. Cross Medical Group exclusively provides this specialty beauty treatment to patients across the Philadelphia area. Our Clinical Aesthetician Joanna Pinkerton is a certified PhiBrow Artist, who was trained by PhiBrow Academy, one of the most prestigious Microblading programs in the country. Bringing her artistic talent and clinical expertise and certifications in the art of eyebrow embroidery, she is excited to reconstruct your eyebrows and deliver jaw-dropping results.

What is Microblading?

To fill or define your eyebrows, aesthetic expert Joanna Pinkerton uses a special hand tool to illustrate precise hair strokes into the eyebrow. Also referred to as Eyebrow Feathering, Microblading implements pigmentation into the epidermis. With this advanced tool, the clinical aesthetician creates a series of thin and natural hair strokes designed to last for 12-18 months.

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Eyebrow Microblading in Philadelphia

Your Microblading treatment starts with face measurements to ensure the end result is balanced and symmetrical. Next, a topical numbing cream is gently applied to make the treatment more comfortable. With your unique measurements in mind, the licensed aesthetician designs a brow shape unique to your facial symmetry and precisely administers pigmentation during your 2-hour Microblading session.

A compulsory ‘perfection’ session is then scheduled where Joanna Pinkerton can touch up any lost strokes and make changes to the shape or thickness, based on the patient’s personal taste. Though results are designed to last up to 2 years, annual maintenance helps to withhold shape and color.

At Cross Medical Group we use PhiPigments which are free from heavy metals, lead, nickel, mercury, cobalt and cadmium and also preservative free. All tools are disposable for safety purposes.

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What to do Before Your Microblading Service

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, energy drinks or coffee the day of treatment
  • Refrain from taking Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen within 72 hours of treatment
  • Stay out of direct sunlight and no tanning 3 days before treatment
  • Don’t undergo laser, microdermabrasion or chemical peels 3 weeks prior
  • Do not wax 2-3 days before a Microblading session

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Candidates for Eyebrow Microblading

With over 18 years focusing on perfecting skin care, our facial aesthetician uses high-grade pigments that match and blend to your unique eyebrow color. Villanova and Philly clients are enthusiastic about crisp, flawless & fuller looking brows and at Cross Medical Group we only utilize premium blades and colors that abide by all state regulations.

We often treat patients who suffer from hair loss conditions such as, alopecia & trichotillomania. Eyebrow Microblading in Philadelphia is also a great option for individuals who:

  • Want to look great right out of bed
  • Enjoy exercise, sports and an athletic lifestyle
  • Don’t have time to constantly apply makeup
  • Need to be well groomed for work or class
  • Are just not happy with the shape of their eyebrows
  • Have thin/sparse/over plucked eyebrows

Why Choose Cross Medical Group for Eyebrow Microblading?

As one of the first licensed medical aesthetician’s to offer Eyebrow Microblading to clients throughout Villanova and Philadelphia, PA, Joanna Pinkerton is thrilled to transform the shape of your brows. Her advanced training, unique skill set and exceptional patient care make her the best choice for Eyebrow Microblading in the Philadelphia area. If you’re interested in this semi-permanent eyebrow filling procedure, contact Cross Medical Group today.


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