Male Breast Reduction

For many men, there is a significant amount of self-consciousness that accompanies excess chest tissue. This fatty tissue is often resistant to traditional weight loss and exercise and often forces men into wearing bulkier clothing to hide the appearance of the chest, even in summer months.

The procedure to reduce the size of the chest tissue can often be done through incisions that are just a few millimeters in size and are not apparent even when one takes off their shirt.  During this technique, liposuction is used to sculpt and shape the chest.  Small to moderate amounts of excess skin can be induced to shrink down using only liposuction, but significant amounts of excess skin require the skin to be removed in addition to the fatty tissue.

patient before and after Male Breast Reduction

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Many patients have enlarged glandular tissue under the nipple.  This can be very embarrassing to someone who may otherwise be very fit.  This can be addressed as an office procedure through a small incision hidden around the nipple region.

Recovery from gynecomastia procedures is relatively straightforward.  Patients are placed in a chest wrap for the first few days to decrease swelling in the area.  Normal activity can be resumed within a few days, and full activity and exercise is typically possible within two weeks.

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