Breast Augmentation: Post Childbirth

Restoring shape and balance to a woman’s breast after childbirth presents a unique set of challenges.  The rapid increase in breast size during lactation acutely stretch the ligaments of the breast in a way that prevents the breast from ever returning to its pre-pregnancy shape. Additionally, breasts often permanently lose or, less often, gain volume after having children and breast feeding.

patient before and after Breast Reduction - front view

patient before and after Breast Reduction - side view

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Though a breast lift, a breast augmentation, or a breast reduction alone will at times be all that is required to restore proper shape to the breast, restoration often requires a combination of lifting of the breast and adding volume either through a breast implant or the use of one’s own fat , or reducing breast volume while performing a lift for shaping purposes.

Deciding what combination of these options is going to provide the best long term outcome for a patient is an important part of the consultation and planning process that takes place in the office.

This page and its contents have been reviewed for accuracy and approved by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Cross


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