The Minimum Incision Arm Lift

A new technique called a “Minimum Incision Brachioplasty” or “Mininum Incision Arm Lift” has been developed and allows the removal of loose skin in the upper arm region with a scar that is hidden in the armpit and only visible when one wears a tank-top and lifts their arms high over their head.  Dr. Cross is one of a few plastic surgeons nationwide that use this technique.  It is not possible to use this procedure in everyone, but for those who may benefit from it, it provides correction through smaller scars.  This procedure involves removing skin in an elliptical fashion under the arm and the excess skin is tightened towards the armpit, eliminating the need for an incision down the arm.  The procedure that will provide the best long term result for a patient is determined at the time of the visit after a thorough examination and discussion period.

patient before and after Minimum Incision Arm Lifts - front view

patient before and after Minimum Incision Arm Lifts - back view

Often, liposuction is used to help sculpt and shape the arm and to help improve on shoulder, triceps, and biceps definition.

There is typically little pain after either procedure.  Patients often feel tight and some amount of pain control is necessary, but typically achievable with the medicines that are provided.  All sutures are absorbable and showering may begin the day after the procedure.  Patients may start walking and return to their normal daily activities the day of the procedure, but must return to full strenuous activities including overhead arm raising slowly over a few weeks after the procedure.


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