Dr. Thomas D. Griffin

Written by Dr. Cross

A new era of hair restoration and preservation begins in this region.

Dr. Thomas D. GriffinDr. Thomas D. Griffin, will begin seeing patients who are concerned with thinning hair. Dr. Griffin is a board certified dermatologist with over twenty years of experience in the diagnosis and management of hair loss and hair transplantation. He was recruited by Dr. Kevin J. Cross to provide a new level of care for patients in the Philadelphia region. For many of his patients who are hair restoration candidates, Dr. Griffin will utilize the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System that includes a 3-D imaging system to allow patients to restore or create a desired hair pattern on a computer screen while looking at their own head in three dimensions on that screen. A robotic, precision control transplant system then allows individual hairs to be removed and transplanted without any incisions being created on the scalp. Scars are eliminated and recovery time is shortened.

Thinning and hair loss is equally as common in women as in men. Many patients who once thought that there was nothing that could be done for their hair will benefit from an evaluation to diagnose the cause of their hair loss. With Dr. Griffin’s expertise, patients can explore the most up-to-date medical and procedural options that are available to help treat their problem.

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