Plastic Surgery Press Room

Written by Dr. Cross

Dr. Cross has been featured in several cosmetic text books and medical journals as well as regional and national publications. Below, please find recent featured articles and announcements on our practice and staff.

Media Announcements/Interviews:

  • CBS 3 Philadelphia – Treatment To Rid Of Wrinkles
  • Bringing Together the Top Experts For An Unparalleled Aesthetic Experience in Philadelphia


Dr. Cross has authored multiple chapters in the upcoming cosmetic plastic surgery textbook titled Current Cosmetic Surgery, due for release Winter, 2010:

  • A Highly Visual Guide to Current Practices in Plastic Surgery

A sample of Dr. Cross’ other work including research published in plastic surgery journals and textbook publications include:

  • Spreader grafts in rhinoplasty
  • Comparing a dermal stapler device to standard dermal sutures for incisional closure
  • Practical Plastic Surgery
  • The absorbable dermal staple device: a faster, more cost-effective method for incisional closure.
  • Gene therapy in skin: choosing the optimal viral vector.
  • A novel method for targeted gene therapy in ischemic tissues through viral transfection of an expression cassette containing multiple repetitions of hypoxia response element
  • Platelet-derived growth factor B, but not fibroblast growth factor 2, plasmid DNA improves survival of ischemic myocutaneous flaps.
  • Use of hypoxia-inducible factor signal transduction pathway to measure O2 levels and modulate growth factor pathways.
  • Growth factors in wound healing.