Vectra® 3D Imaging

With a goal to bring the best in cutting edge technology to the Tristate area, Cross Plastic Surgery & Associates, now offers Vectra XT® 3D Imaging. This advanced technology allows our doctors and patients to have an honest discussion about the results each patient can expect from their procedures. With Vectra XT®, 3D Imaging, our patients can see their prospective results from multiple angles, as if they were looking at themselves in the mirror.

Vectra® 3D ImagingThe many benefits include:

  • Real-time analysis of plastic surgery options and outcomes
  • Accurate body measurements for surgical planning
  • Realistic expectations for plastic surgery results

What to expect from a Vectra® 3D imaging consultation:

  • Patients will stand in front the of the Vectra XT® 3D imaging device while it generates high resolution images for review. These images will be used by our trained surgeons to facilitate a treatment plan that best suits our patients’ needs.
  • Once the images have been rendered, special simulation software will be utilized to discuss and demonstrate the possible results of the aesthetic procedure(s) the patient is considering. The software allows our surgeons and patients to experiment with different looks until the desired prospective outcome is achieved.
  • After the patient has decided upon an appearance that fits their needs, our surgeons will customize a treatment plan based on the simulation designed to achieve the patients’ desired results.
  • Having already seen a prediction of the outcome, patients can be confident in their desired results.


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