Earlobe Repair & Rejuvenation

Enlarged or torn earlobes can make wearing earrings more difficult, and, in the case of split earlobes, impossible.  Correcting torn, enlarged, or split earlobes can reverse these problems through a relatively short office procedure.  This practice employs techniques that add strength to the repair to prevent recurrence from happening.  Incisions heal over the course of a few weeks and end up being essentially imperceptible.  At that point, a repearcing is performed.  Patients may even wear an earring throughout the healing process if desired.

As we age, the skin of the earlobe thins.  This leads to wrinkles of the earlobe and a flattened, atrophic appearance.  These changes can be reversed through earlobe rejuvenation that includes short office procedures using injectable products and sometimes a patient’s own fat taken from other places.  These corrections can be enhanced with the use of lasers to help resurface the skin.


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