Breast Reductions & Breast Reduction With Lift

A breast reduction is one of the most rewarding plastic surgery procedures patients elect to undergo. Years of neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as difficulty with exercising and finding properly fitting clothes are relieved with a reduction in the size of the breasts.

The older techniques in breast reduction surgery required scars that went around the areola (the pigmented portion of the nipple), down to the fold below the breast, and then along the length of the breast fold. While effective, this procedure also had the tendency to cause the breast to appear flat over time. New techniques in breast reduction allow for shorter “lolly-pop” shaped scars that eliminate the breast fold scar, and use the breast tissue to create an internal brassier or internal, natural support for the breast. This allows the breast to remain naturally shaped and “lifted” over long periods of time.

female patient before and after Breast Lifts procedure - front view

before and after Breast Lifts procedure
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Both a breast reduction and breast lift procedure is often accompanied by some amount of liposuction to sculpt the breast in order to provide the best shape and balance.

Women often ask whether nipple sensation changes after breast reduction or breast lift surgery. While a small percentage of patients do notice a change in nipple sensation, using newer techniques, the vast majority find that normal sensation returns after recovery is complete. While mammography can be effected by scarring that occurs after breast reduction, many radiologists feel that mammograms are actually easier to interpret when less breast tissue is present. Lastly, the ability to breast feed could theoretically be affected by a breast reduction or lift procedure, but the glands and ducts that provide breast milk are typically left untouched with the procedures used in this practice, and should continue to function after recovery from the procedure is complete.

female patient before and after Breast Lifts

female patient before and after Breast Lifts procedure - side view
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There is very little pain associated with the procedure. Most patients feel sore in a way that is similar to how one feels a day or two after an intense workout. Most patients are able to return to work within a few days and full exercising within two weeks.


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